John Kelley Classic


Dear Members,


Our 8th annual Classic is approaching soon,and looks like we have a big field again. This is satisfying as John Kelley was instrumental in the clubs origin, and his tireless work for years to keep club functioning. As time goes by quickly, some of this years players are new members. We also have members in club for years but never met John, and finally there is the rest of us...who have been around a long time!


This is a special day (you can see the desire to win this on many faces) and after John passed away, we decided to try to create a day/event like this to pay tribute. We chose Bennett Valley, as a bunch of us members including John were in the BV men's club for years before Blarneyballers was formed in 1994. Some of us have known the great staff here for almost 30 years. Having the banquet room for dinner/presentations adds to the importance of John and this event.


John loved his pint of Guinness, hence the pint of guinness trophy we all want to hold up in victory. Check the initials, JK on the golf balls that act as the creamy head of the pint!


John and some others created a great club which in ways is unique, compared to other associate clubs. We typically play blue tees since the clubs inception, abide by the rules of golf, choose challenging courses for our events, great mix of individual and team competitions, well designed yearly awards/categories (which force you to grind even on a bad day), and social interaction for sometimes hours after events completed!


Over the years, we have gained a very good reputation within the NCGA. This comes from our members representing our club with great pride respect, knowledge of the rules, and savvy competitors. Long may this continue!


Groundwork for the club began by John in 1993. In those days you were required to have 30 players to firm an associate club...John and a few others including myself gathered up the troops and suddenly we had 30 players......the club was formed. In our first year in 1994 we had 6 tournaments.


For years John did so much work, and made this club function for so long. Hats off to him, and you participants who are new and never met him ,this is a special day and a great tourney to win...Good luck to all.


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Dermot Burke